Little Boy Gives Himself A Hilarious Haircut

Published January 8, 2016 450,308 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleEvery kid has a period when he gets bored. No matter how many toys they have at home, computers games or phones they will always get tired of everything. No matter how old your children are, it is an eternal problem for parents to solve: How can I keep the kids occupied? So, this kid decided to do something so he would not get bored. He decided to get a new hair cut, but things did not end the way he hoped they would! Check out this hilarious video of did boy shaving his head with an electric razor?

Some parents might resort to giving their kid a solid on the butt or at least a time out whenever they do something naughty. This dad didn't have to think of anything of the sort, because what his son did to his self when dad wasn't watching was probably punishment enough!

It seems the little guy wanted to feel a big man like daddy, so he got a hold of dad's electric razor and given how he only has hair on his head, he decided to shave it off! He didn't do a solid job with it though, because his short hands could only reach up to the crown of his head, which left him with a half-do! :D

Luckily for the little one, he didn't do much harm to the precious small head, other than the hideous work on the hair. Dad got to record his confession and subsequent promise an apology for the whole world to see what happens when you turn your back to your toddler. “I'll never touch daddy's razor again," says the toddler and all we could do is giggle. The aftermath might be hysterical, but this should be a lesson for all parents. Now go ahead and watch the clip again, because the belly laugh is good for the health. Also, don't forget to share!

Many a toddler is known to shrink in fear at the sight of the haircutting scissors or shriek hysterically when held still for a snip. However, this toddler decided to take the scissors and the electric razor and decided to give himself a haircut. However, plans didn’t turn out as he planned. He shaved half of his head, and then he realized that he didn’t like it. What a funny little boy! What do you think of his new haircut?