Check Out This Hilarious Compilation Of Humans Being Attacked By Crazy Animals

AFV Published January 14, 2016 776,399 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIt can be extremely easy to forget that all animals bite, whether through game or when they feel threatened in any way. It is in their nature to “show teeth" in order to establish the notion that they do not want you near them.

But humans almost never seem to get the hint, thinking only about how adorable this chipmunk is, all jumpy and rash, until a couple of rodent teeth dig a hole in their noses. “It bit me" they scream, as if it was completely unexpected and out of the blue! We get it; animals are so cute and us humans just want to hug and squeeze them. Sometimes you see a little fluffy animal and the urge rushes over to give them a little pet.

Footage shows both domesticated and wild animals biting and attacking humans like crazy. Ducks and parrots biting on people's noses, dogs and cats going attack mode on their owners, snakes biting little children and much more. Have you ever had a situation when your family pet went crazy and started regarding you as an enemy?

Well these animals put the wild in wilderness. Unfortunately, you often need to hold back from petting wild animals because, unlike many dogs, their bark is often as big as their bite! Let this compilation be a cautionary tale to those of you who need to pet every adorable animal you see. Sometimes, they do bite and will not ask politely for you to back off first!

However hilarious, take these clips as educational material. Keep your hands to yourself!


  • Johny1990, 3 years ago

    Tiger is the funniest!

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  • hauyenhpv, 3 years ago

    so funny.

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  • JoKidd, 2 years ago

    Ouch, ouch&ouch...Been bitten a time or two myself&they all look painful!

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