Dog Mesmerized By Snow Doesn’t Know What To Do About It

raventhecrazyonePublished: January 11, 2016212,917 views
Published: January 11, 2016

A footage has emerged of a black Labrador discovering snow for the first time, and just to be fair, this is the universal reaction to anyone seeing snow for the first time. Have you ever seen anyone happier than this dog exploring the snow for the very first time?!

We wonder what were the initial reactions of world’s great inventors when they made their first startling discovery. Did they react with quiet optimism, or maybe a subtle flurry of enlightened surprise? Or did they run around and slam their hands against the floor? Judging by the dog in this video, who just discovered snow for the first time, we’re rooting for the latter. Watch how happy this black pooch is to the sight of white frozen powder! His amazing reaction is adorable!

The Labrador throws a very playful and cheerful mood on the snow, as he runs around in circles, not knowing what to do with himself. This canine sure knows how to have fun and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Does your dog love to play with snow? Can you still recall how he reacted when he got to experience snow for the very first time?

Footage shows a lovely canine getting introduced to snow for the very first time and going nuts with excitement! This cutie freaked out and ran around the narrow balcony like crazy! He doesn’t know what to do first, so he circles around the tiny surface, then he runs around and starts digging into the snow!There’s just so many fun things to do in the snow, and he can’t wait to do them all! The startled dog is mesmerized by the touch of snow and wants to take it all in!

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