Good Samaritan Helps Driver Stuck In Snow At Stoplight

8 years ago

A dash camera footage has emerged from Wrocław, Poland showing a traffic incident that ends with heartwarming results. When the light turns green a vehicle has some difficulty trying to get going and appears to be stuck on the slippery snow. However, a nearby passenger comes to the rescue and helps push the car forward and gets it going.

This is the heartwarming moment when a hero comes to the rescue, after a driver tries over a dozen times to get his vehicle unstuck, all resulting in failed attempts. Luckily, this man came from behind and gave a nice push to the back of the car. His assistance helped the car get unstuck from the snow and move forward.

Sometimes a push from a Good Samaritan is all you need to get unstuck from the snow. Watch as the driver struggles to get his car moving, but fails every time he tries. Moments later, an unexpected act of kindness takes place and is caught on camera. Footage shows a man coming from behind and giving a nice push to the back of the vehicle. One nice push does the trick, and the car starts moving. Amazing skills!

While the other drivers were impatiently waiting for the driver to get his machine up and running, only one Good Samaritan was generous enough to help and managed to alone help the man in need. The world needs more man like this, who lend a helping hand to those in need!

Here are some tips in case your vehicle gets stuck in the snow, put it in the lowest gear or low-range gearing and try moving forward just a bit. Then, slowly back up the vehicle but don’t rev the engine. Stop, then put it in forward and apply a little gas. This can tamp down loose snow and maybe give you enough traction to get out.

However, if you hear any tire spinning, take your foot off the gas immediately. If your vehicle didn’t move at all or a tire is spinning, try braking while at the same time that you’re giving a little gas. This should decrease the spinning and transfer some power to that wheel.

If you have a front-wheel-drive and there aren’t curbs or other cars blocking your way, try turning the wheels slightly the other way and see if that gives you more traction. Don’t try this braking method for more than a few seconds. It can overheat your brakes which can compromise braking until they’ve cooled down. Good to keep in mind!

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