8-year-old dazzles crowd with Michael Jackson-inspired dance routine

7 years ago

Michael Jackson's legacy lives on! In this amazing video, Willie The Entertainer dances in-front of a big crowd! What is so special about Willie is that he is only 8 years old! Each day he is getting better and better at the performing arts which can be seen in this video! Watch him put on an epic dance performance to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" that nearly brings the house down! This is one video that should not be missed!

Don't you wish you had epic dance moves like this kid? He is so talented despite the fact that he is only 8 years old! When most kids were 8 years old they were playing with dolls and toys, but not this kid! Hopefully he continues on dancing and will someday be a great dancer!

This kid seems to enjoy dancing a lot. If he ever needs more songs to dance to, he can always look at some of the best dance songs on Amazon!

Do you know anyone that is a good dancer? Let us know down in the comments!

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