Pedestrian Recklessly Crossing Busy Street Receives Instant Karma

maku99Published: December 31, 2015Updated: January 4, 2016419,392 views
Published: December 31, 2015Updated: January 4, 2016

We have proven this claim time and again - dash cam footages are just pure gold! Plug a camera on your dash board, let it record while you drive and, other than keeping you safe in case of insurance scam, they will occasionally manage to record some idiot on the streets of the world, making a total ass of themselves in traffic

This dash cam footage comes to us from Kraków, Poland. It shows what happens when you think it's a good idea to cross a busy road illegally, i.e. during a red light. This vehicle clearly has a green light and is about to pass through an intersection when a woman rushes out in an attempt to quickly make it to the other side of the street.

The woman can be seen sprinting across the street in front of the cars waiting to turn left. Their light is red, so they will surely not move anytime soon, but the other three lanes have a green for go and she thought she will be quicker than the car going 45 miles per hour on a busy road! Of course the sight of the oncoming car freaks the woman out and she slips on the paint.

Suffice it to say she'll never make that mistake again!

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