Pug Enjoys Soaking In The Bubbly Water While Owner Gives Him A Nice Scrub

ViralHogPublished: December 17, 2015Updated: January 7, 2016298,046 plays$677.80 earned
Published: December 17, 2015Updated: January 7, 2016

This pug gets the ultimate scrub down and he absolutely loves it. It is so adorable to hear him make all those funny noises during his afternoon bath. This little pup is enjoying his spa treatment as his owner is brushing his fur and thoroughly cleaning his entire body. Does your dog enjoy having a bath?

Usually dog owners experience their dog frantically running and rolling around right after bath time. The excitement our dogs get when they’re finally free of the bath results in temporary insanity when they’re let loose. It’s usually pretty endearing to see the dog experience such boundless joy.

Most dogs don’t like taking a bath, and go crazy afterwards because they’re relieved that it’s over. However, that is not the case with this cute little pug who seems to be enjoying his time in the tub and loves to soak in the bubbly water. He just loves being washed and brushed over and over again.

It is very pleasing to see how this dog enjoys having a nice, long bath and is completely relaxed throughout the entire process, as his owner gives him the best scrub there is. Other dogs would be jealous after watching this video!

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