Loving Daughter Surprises Unsuspecting Dad For His Birthday

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Published: December 19, 2015Updated: December 31, 2015

This is the adorable moment when a loving daughter sets a wonderful surprise for her unsuspecting father and gives him the best birthday gift he can ask for - the presence of a living, breathing person, whom he missed so much!

Everyone loves a good birthday surprise, and this loving dad was about to experience one mind-blowing magic trick surprise on the day of his birthday!

A crystal clear picture shows a girl and a man sitting at a restaurant. The girl explains how the camera settings work. She explains a voice command where different objects and people can appear into the screen. They pick a name and say it. Instantly, another girl pops up behind them, much to man’s delight, and her face appears on screen! With eyes-wide open, the man is clearly in shock and cannot believe his eyes, but when he turns he finally realizes that he has been fooled and cannot contain his excitement.

The face of the girl he just imagined had appeared on screen because she was actually in the same room with them. When he turned and looked behind his back, he locked eyes with the girl in person. He instantly recognizes the girl and hugged her hello.

There are so many unique ways in which friends and family members surprise their loved ones. This loving daughter tricked her father into thinking that he is looking at the camera and his voice control can make different people appear on screen.

Little did he know that he was about to receive one adorable birthday surprise from his loving daughter. Namely, the girl arranged for another girl to fly in and surprise the old man on his birthday. When he finally realizes what’s going on, he cannot believe his eyes, and cannot contain his excitement!

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