Miss Universe Singapore reveals what went on behind the scenes at pageant

nardwoxuPublished: December 30, 201539 views
Published: December 30, 2015

First, it appears both Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia weren't exactly Miss Popular, according to Miss Universe Singapore Lisa Marie White, 22, who was on stage when the mix-up happened.

In a telephone interview with The New Paper, she said: "When the top three were announced, some contestants were unhappy and there was quite an uproar.

"My vote went to Miss Philippines because I felt she did well in her Q&A, but at least seven girls forfeited their votes."

This year, votes from the contestants themselves and fans around the world were also taken into consideration.

Miss White said that during the competition, the majority of the 78 contestants took time to get to know each other, but Miss Gutierrez-Arevalo and Miss Wurtzbach kept to themselves.

Some girls, she said, felt that Miss Wurtzbach was "guarded" while Miss Gutierrez-Arevalo appeared "stuck-up and arrogant".

"Pia seemed nice and I'm sure if I had the chance to get to know her, I would like her. She seemed really nice to her friends and fans," said Miss White, a freelance model and aspiring actress who is of Malay and New Zealander parentage.

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