Tiny Chihuahua Refuses To Share His Treat With Great Dane

danielleshepardson Published December 29, 2015 55,434 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDiesel the Great Dane growls in protest because he really wants Miles the Chihuahua's treat. Miles, if you're not gonna eat it then you're gonna lose it!

Have you ever heard of Mark Twain’s timeless quotation "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog?" Well, this cute little nugget of a Chihuahua is bursting with it!

We presume both gentlemen were served with a yummy treat perhaps just a few minutes ago, but Diesel, considering his size and the corresponding appetite, must have wolfed up the minuscule treat up in an eye-blink. Now, it is Miles' turn to enjoy but how can the poor pooch relax when a large mountain of a canine is green with jealousy over it? dos the tiny one stand a chance? Of course, it does, remember what Twain said!

Miles guards the treat like a large guard dog, placing it between his front paws and does not seem to want it so much. He is either not even peckish or just wants to play mind-games with his large companion. Compare the behaviors of Miles and Diesel. Miles is so relaxed, so calm, stands, nay - lays his ground while Diesel looks like a dog taken out of a cartoon, so expressive, pensive, edgy and hilarious. Does he remind you of a famous cartoon character? Scooby Doo perhaps?

It is commendable that neither of the dogs resorts to violence, of course, first of all, they are tell behaved household pets second, even though a treat is in the focus of the feud, they are great friends. But, what Diesel does not achieve with his awe-striking size, he achieves with his communication skills. All that Scooby Doo grumbling and mumbling and adorable body language manage to actually convince the lady owner to take Miles's treat and give it to Diesel. There is no more justice in this world anymore! We are only kidding, Miles was not into snacks anyway.

If you are still wondering how a tiny crumble of a dog can be best friends with a canine Mount Everest, take a look at the next video. This Chihuahua and Great Dane are best friends. Now, this is a site you don't see every day. Here we have Barnaby the Great Dane welcoming Aphrodite the Chihuahua, who is the newest addition to the family. With such a huge size difference it's great to see these two dogs get along so well. Looks like a loving friendship is ahead of them.

Dogs are absolutely amazing. They remind us of smaller and hairier versions of humans that love nothing more than to have fun. It seems like we can never get enough of the puppy awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. They are like our furry offspring that likes to wake us up early in the morning to go potty but we don’t mind because they are adorable.

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