Son Waits Eight Years To Play The Same Xbox Prank On Dad

Published December 28, 2015 3,749,547 Views

Rumble / PranksA son waited for eight years to get revenge on his prankster dad, and it was worth the wait. Namely, when this boy was 16-years-old he was given what he thought was an Xbox for his birthday, but when he removed the wrapping paper he found something different.

A treasure hunt led him to his real present, and he was actually given the keys to his first car, Honda Civic, instead of an Xbox, which wasn’t that bad after all. However, this boy remembered this prank, and wanted to pull the same Xbox trick on his dad, years later.

The boy remembers "I was elated and very grateful for the car, but until I saw it I was still a little disappointed that the box did not hold an Xbox. When presented with the car, I went to the trunk to see if the Xbox had been placed in there. I assumed they had still purchased an Xbox since they had the packaging box. However I later realized that my parents had merely bought the packaging on Ebay without the console inside. I purchased my own Xbox a few months later and the car served me well for several years."

Years later, this boy decided to play a revenge prank on his dad for Christmas so he and his brothers went on a mission to trick dad. He added: "We decided that as a form of revenge, we should reenact the events of my 16th birthday, but with him as the unsuspecting victim."

So eight years later, he bought his dad his own console so that he can join him and his brothers in online gaming. As a form of revenge, they set him up with a reenactment of his 16th birthday and pulled the same trick.

Maybe his dad didn't get a car, but he finally got the xBox he wanted, which was found hidden in the boot of his son's first car. Talk about karma!


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    Smart kid!

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