Biker Approaches Distressed Woman, Heroically Saves Her Life

8 years ago

This may not be a video that everyone could watch. It contains disturbing situations that some people could not handle. View discretion is advised. In this video, after coming to a stop along a busy road in London, England, Pawel O decided to look into what was causing the standstill. He noticed a potentially suicidal woman had been sitting in the middle of the road (while other bystanders simply watched) and immediately jumped off his bike to help. His helmet camera captured the entire ordeal.

Life itself is very precious and something that should not be ended in a manner like this. This women clearly had some dark times going on in her life but that still gives no reason for her to try and take her own life in an unjust manner. Once you power through the hard times, life will get better. That is much easier said than done but you could always receive help for things like this. Good thing this biker and the other bystanders managed to step in, or else the unthinkable could have happened. These people really are heroes.

The way that this biker and people acted to save the woman is really remarkable. The fact that random people can band together to help someone in need shows that the world is not all that bad of a place.

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