Driver Hit In Traffic

Published December 9, 2015 9,964 Plays $28.37 earned

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageA dashcam records a woman get waiting in traffic get hit after a collision between a oncoming vehicle and a merging driver.


  • LyndaForest, 3 years ago

    This Video SHOULD HAVE been edited to shorten the length....Geeeezzzzum🤔🙄

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  • PleaseJustStop, 3 years ago

    I've never cried over a car accident. Ever. Not even when I was in a ditch due to someone else screwing up. You're alive and it's just a car. This seems like an over-reaction.

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    • AAllen1970, 2 years ago

      I also thought it was an over-reaction, then I thought might be someone else's car - if so OH SNAP!!!

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  • steveroxx, 2 years ago

    That music sucks

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