Father And Son Open The Best Christmas Present Ever

Published December 15, 2015 178,997 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWish for Christmas – does your wish usually come true? Father and son are overjoyed after learning that they have just opened the best gift ever.

Sporting elf suit while sitting on their couch and opening their Christmas present, they had no inkling that they are about to unwrap one of the most wonderful gift this Christmas – one that no treasure can level up with. Both father and son seemed to be confused after seeing what lies inside the wrapped Christmas present. The father, with his eyes wide opened and puzzled facial expression uttered: “Are you serious?” Does he look like he has a clue what the actual gift is all about when he saw the baby romper inside the gift box?

The son, on the other hand, was laughing – he must be thinking that it was a prank or a funny joke. Baby’s boots, so tiny that it could not possibly fit him? His mother has to give him a clue by asking him what his wishes are for Christmas. He named what he wanted then the mother went on leading him that it starts with a letter “B.” He almost got it when he said: “baby stuff?” So the mother made her biggest revelation: “Did you ask for a brother?” Then you can see the twinkle in his eyes - he is overjoyed. The father is overjoyed too. They both leaped out from their sofa. Although not caught by the camera, they must have shared a tight family hug. What a beautiful scene to witness!

Certainly, what could be more wonderful than the gift of life? Another baby in the family will surely bring much joy to the family members. This boy will surely have the next few months spent with lots of excitement and questions to ask. He will surely make her mom busy and astonished with the questions that he will be asking, innocent and curious questions. His reaction upon seeing his gift come to life when that precious moment will happen will surely be a priceless scene everyone is waiting to see. After you saw him react, did you imagine next how this boy’s face will lighten up at that moment when he sees his baby brother? We’ll be waiting to see it, too.

The mother in this video is so creative in presenting her surprise. It made the scene one of a cliffhanger thus creating one moment when a family celebrated a surprise of a lifetime Christmas gift – a unique, wonderful, priceless moment. She could have inserted a sonography image but she preferred to make it a bit of a puzzle.

How about you? Do you have a wish or list of wishes this Christmas? Perhaps some of them have already been fulfilled or achieved. On the flipside, one or more on the list may not be realized or achieved. When this happens, how do you usually react? While Christmas is the season of the year that is supposedly filled with joy, love and hope, the opposite may happen if someone does not manage his or her expectations. Unlike this father and son, reality may not bring what we expect to receive. It would be good to prepare for the flipside in case it happens.

Wishes granted or wishes not granted, may we all have a joyful holiday. It is a season to share love. Have a fun Christmas.

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