Hawaii Unites Founder Tina Lia Speaks at Iao Theater on Maui 7/11/23

4 months ago

Tina Lia, founder of the environmental nonprofit Hawaii Unites, gives an overview and update on the State of Hawaii and its multi-agency partnership's release of billions of lab-infected mosquitoes. All islands are being targeted with this corporate experiment.

The State DLNR has been funded to build out the insectary in their Hawaii lab where they intend to mass produce Wolbachia-infected and genetically modified pgSIT CRISPR technology mosquitoes for release on the islands. Plans are to continue the mosquito production and release project in "perpetuity" (forever).

Help us protect the 'āina and stop this project that may cause the extinction of endangered native birds and could affect public health. Mosquitoes are already being released on Maui. We're challenging this in court. Please donate to our organization to support our efforts. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, and donations are tax-deductible.

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