Generous Church Members Tipped Pizza Delivery Guy With Over $700

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Published: December 2, 2015Updated: January 19, 2016

What started out as a $100 tip by the pastor for the pizza deliverer, Jeff Louis, turns into over $700 as members of Life Point Church line up one by one, to show them their gratitude and charity. Watch the deeply moving speech recorded by Jeff Louis expressing his thankfulness to people he doesn't even know. Jeff never saw it coming, but it was a life changer!

This video was filmed on November 22, 2015 after the 22-year-old boy was amazed by people’s generosity. Jeff was called in early Sunday to Gionino's pizza shop before they opened, to deliver pizzas to the congregation of Life Point Church. Pastor Ken Wright had a special surprise for the random delivery guy who was struggling.

Jeff felt the need to share his story with the world, and praise the people in this church who came up and gave him over $700 for a tip. It is truly amazing because he hasn’t experienced something like this, and we honestly doubt that any other delivery guy has received such a generous tip in one stop!

As he records the video, Jeff is obviously confused and overwhelmed, as he talks very slowly and takes many breaks, because he cannot contain his emotions and gets a teary eye. Maybe they knew that this guy was struggling to stay clean and get his life back. He is surprised and amazed that people who don’t even know him would go out of their way and donate money for his well-being, and help him that much!

By the end of the video, Jeff is crying and his eyes speak of the honest contentment and gratefulness he feels towards these generous people! A simple acts of kindness can change people’s lives and help those in need!

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