Cruise Ship Anchor Destroys Ancient Coral Reef

Published December 11, 2015 20,398 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsThis is a very unfortunate event. A diving instructor named Scott Prodahl noticed that the Pullmantur Zenith cruise ship was anchored very close to an ancient coral reef off the Cayman Islands. Scott Prodahl knew this didn't look right so he decided to investigate. What he saw was very disappointing. He was able to capture this crazy footage which showed a huge area of the reef was completely destroyed, located out front from the Don Fosters and Eden Rock, off the George Town port.

According to Scott, The Department of Environment was contacted but they weren't able to do anything. Apparently this was a designated anchorage which meant the cruise ship was allowed to drop the anchor. It is sad to see that this coral reef was destroyed so easily, and it could have been preventable as well. There is wildlife everywhere, even in places we cannot see. Before we take action, we need to make sure nothing around us is going to be affected.

In the first footage we see the marvels of the ancient coral reef and we get the impression that the time is still and we have nowhere to be. Observing the serenity of the ocean waters, with the magnificent sight which is the rich coral reef puts us at peace. Wouldn't you want to swim past this coral reef and be delighted by its beauty? We would definitely put coral reef diving on our bucket list!

Unfortunately, the second footage shows one terrible sight! The coral reef that we previously observed, is now being destructed by the heavy cruise ship anchor which is constantly moving under waters. How awful! Isn't there any other way to drag an anchor without hurting the marine flora?

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Credit to 'Scott Prodahl'.


  • Pax, 4 years ago

    And nobody will even get a slap on the wrist for this, guaranteed. This is sickening, more so when one thinks about all this destruction being caused just so some rich people can stop for a day during a longer trip, wherein this will repeated over and over. Why are the reefs dying? It isn't ALL climate change, sweetie, but it's definitely all human greed and stupidity.

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