Dogs Desperately Beg Their Owner Not To Leave For Work

Published December 10, 2015 80,487 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe all love our dogs. Why wouldn’t we - they are a factory of unbearable cuteness and unwavering loyalty, clumsy but obedient. They care so deeply about us, their human companions, that they most likely even dream about us as they snooze.

That, of course is why leaving them on their own is so hard for us. Whether we just go for a quick visit to the toilet or go to work, it’s very likely that our dogs will look at us like we’re leaving them forever. Their eyes go wide, they will begin to whimper, and they will start thinking that this is it - now they are left alone for good.

Well, some of them have found a new technique of making their owner stay at home instead of going to work. Every morning, Mandy leaves for work, but has trouble because her dogs love her too much. While most couldn’t possibly think that is a problem, these dogs are so loved and cared for that they physically try to stop their owner from leaving them. They pull on her coat and bark repeatedly, even though they know that she will be back.

You wonder what’s happening after she leaves? Maybe they get tired of crying, so they sit behind the front door and wait for her to return from work. Or, maybe they can’t stop crying and howling, mourning for their loss - their beloved Mandy has left them alone at home. We can’t know for sure, but this poor guy will probably stay at his house listening to the desperate crying of these adorable "beasts"...