This Is The Most Adorable Battle You'll See Today

Published December 9, 2015 52,085 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIn the wintertime, it's every animal for themselves. The snow can make things harder for animals to find food. In this video, one rabbit and one squirrel know that only one soul can get to the bird feeder to eat and it's not going to be birds. Watch as they take turns intimidating each other and attempting to scare the other away. We hear them communicate, but who knows what they might be saying?!

Moving backwards, to the left and then to the right, the squirrel makes the bunny to jump into the air. The rodent then makes a sudden move, as if it is about to strike his opponent. This makes the bunny jump high into the air many times while squeaking loudly. The rabbit doesn’t want to be defeated, so he moves forward to the squirrel which frantically jumps up. Then seconds later, the rodent decides to give up the fight and dashes away.

However, the footage ends up with the cute animals walking around the bird feeder, having their fight unresolved. This funny moment was captured from behind a window of a house, which was very close to the battlefield. During the whole video, you can hear a woman laughing at the animals’ fighting performance. It is believed that this video has been shot somewhere in the UK and it was later uploaded online. It became viral very quickly because many people love the drama these lovely animals have demonstrated on camera!

Watch this cute video of a standoff between a rabbit and squirrel and see how it all ends up!

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