Check Out This Compilation That Shows The Clumsier Side Of Having A Dog

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Published: December 8, 2015Updated: December 7, 2015

Dogs are silly and they often know how to be real clowns. They are a ton of fun, energized and all around great pets. This makes them excellent playmates. But, just like people, dogs also have a clumsier side. They can trip, fall and miscalculate their distance in order to get something. There is nothing else that can make you laugh to tears better than a clumsy dog.

This video is a compilation of clumsy dogs that will definitely grab your attention.

Whether it’s about a Cocker Spaniel running after a ball, tripping and falling, or some Golden Retriever waving his tail while another dog is chasing it behind him, they still know how to be very funny.

There are dogs that try to get from the sink right into the bathing tub, but as they’ve miscalculated the distance, they end up falling on the bathroom floor. Then we can see dogs that hold their snack in their mouth, while the other dog is trying to steal it from them. But, nope. It’s their meal and they don’t plan on letting it go.

Dogs adore travelling, but after a while they get bored in the car, so sticking their head out of the window can bring some air in their lungs. But as they fight the wind, their cheeks turn into a sloppy hilarious mess and they are ready to take a selfie.

And let’s not forget the mighty ice and its great power. Whoever has tried to run on ice, hasn’t ended up well or on their feet.

These and many more can be seen in this video. Have a look at these silly dogs. They will definitely make your day!

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