Learn The Fun Way With This Science Compilation

Published December 7, 2015 4,058 Plays

Rumble / CompilationsWelcome to science class! The Rumble staff will show you a compilation of some amazing viral science clips for you to enjoy and educate yourself!

Learn the basic principle of physics, like how to make inertia works with your hot beverage in the car. Coffee and car accidents are a more dangerous combination than you might think. Hot liquids in the car while driving are the top reason for car accidents in the US.
Curious about cloud formation? Make a cloud in a bottle at home with some alcohol and a sturdy bicycle pump. Pour a couple of capfulls of rubbing alcohol into an empty bottle. Put the cap on the bottle and wiggle it around to encourage the alcohol to evaporate. Then, place a cork in the neck or the bottle, with a hole driller to fit a bicycle pump and pump some air into the bottle. Then remove the cork in one swift move to let the pressure drop quickly and watch your cloud swoosh inside.

Learn how a steel pipe reflects sound back a forth, cause eerie echo sounds. Get excited about technology with the 3D machine that prints ice cream shapes.

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