Dog uses furniture for oddly hilarious reason

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      Guenady ยท 31 weeks ago

      Hi, I think Harvey has a yeast skin infection (early sign is pink around the nose, mouth and even eyes). The condition can only get worse with time, licking and scratching, if not managed (eliminate grains, i e kibble, and root veggies like carottes and potatoes, and chewing bones which can be infected (those from Thailand are not buffalo skin, but skin from dogs and cats killed for their meat and fur). Quinoa is good, as are zuchini and squash. Organic apple cider vinegar can be added to food (a squirt) to help digestion and kill yeast overgrowth. NEVER take ketoconazole (nizoral), the drug used as it is hepato toxic and can kill dogs & people so fast you don't have time to see adverse reactions. The condition can be managed as per above. Best to consult a holistic vet with experience treating yeast skin infections. Good luck, and a long healthy life to Harvey!