This Compilation Of Kids Getting Puppies For Christmas Is All Of Us

Published December 4, 2015 198,420 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt’s the happiest time of the year - families get together and exchange presents under the pretense that a chubby old man dressed in red velvet came in the night to leave those gifts under the tree. We might grow up and claim that we don’t believe a word of that, but come Christmas season, we all secretly hope that Santa Claus will come to our town and drop something nice in our stocking.

Parents use the ruse of Santa’s naughty or nice list to put their kids in order. “Go to bed or Santa will leave coal in your stocking" and every other condition you can think of. Of course, kids take this to heart and oblige on the spot. So naturally, come Christmas day, those kids will expect something very nice under the tree.

It would seem that these kids were incredibly nice since last Christmas, so their parents made their ultimate wish true. No, they didn’t get a unicorn or the Batmobile, but they did get them something that every kid in history has asked for at least once - A PUPPY!

We can’t decide whose reaction was the best, but if we have to pick, we’d say that the girl finding out that the fluffball inside the doll box is an actual puppy wins this Christmas season!

If you ever had the joy of opening up your Christmas presents in the morning and revealed a dog, then you know the joy these kids are experiencing. If you haven't, then you can live vicariously through this video and these adorable kids getting the surprise of a lifetime.

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