Rear Wiper Blade Is Not Removing Any Rain From This Window

8 years ago

While cruising around with his friend in Plymouth, England, this driver spots a red Audi hatchback with a windshield wiper that behaves unlike any other! Upon closer inspection, it appears the Audi's owner hasn't quite figured out how to fit their rear wiper blades. Check out this epic fail for yourself!

They might be a pain, but all drivers will agree that rear windshield wipers are useful. If you ask drivers in England, they will say they are extremely useful, with the 133 days of precipitation in a year!

But not all drivers have experience mounting their windshield wipers themselves and this footage is proof! You might even change the title of the video to Mission Impossible: Laughing Challenge, because that will describe the content of the video perfectly!

The intermittent windscreen wiper was probably the invention of Raymond Anderson, who proposed the patent in 1923. In 1963, an engineering professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, by the name of Robert Kearns proposed a design that mimics the function of the human eye. His design was the subject of a lawsuit with the automobile company Ford, which inspired the motion picture “Flash of Genius".

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