Adorable Dogs Play In The Snow Enjoying The Winter Magic

Published December 3, 2015 39,666 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSummer may be over, but who says that winter cannot be fun too? There are many things we can do to have fun in the cold weather, and dogs in this video will show you just how fun snow can actually be! It's the first snowfall of the year and no one is more excited than your dog. Some dogs take to snow like ducks to water, others have a blast during their first encounter with snow.

If you own a dog, then you know how cute they are, and how prone they are to getting in trouble. After watching this adorable compilation of dogs playing in the snow, we forgot about all the worries in the world and remembered that our canines are the only best friends we need for this holiday season.

Watch the dog who jumped up in the air and flipped trying to catch the snow that his human shoveled at him. Hilarious! Only by watching these dogs enjoying the first snowfall of the year we wished we had snow too. They simply can't get enough of the snow and find numerous ways to have fun!

Another lazy dog, slipped on the icy spot and continued sliding down the ice, not minding the cold temperature on his tummy. All of these dogs act like kids when they are out in the snow. They roll over, they make angels, they run and they dive into the snow. Some even play catch with their owners or go for a nice sledge ride!

Our favorite is the dog who lost its tennis ball because it got frozen out on the ice, and the little pooch just cannot pick it up. Poor buddy, he will have to wait for the frost to melt and get his toy back.


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    a dog is so thrilled by snow

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