Daredevil escapes death after bridge stunt goes horribly wrong

RichardKochelPublished: November 27, 20151,129,233 views
Published: November 27, 2015

WARNING: Do not ever attempt the stunt performed in this video! A skateboarding daredevil attempts to ride down the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands. What was this guy thinking?! The adventurous spirit is seen casually approaching the suspension, cigarette in hand. He then straps his board on his back and scales the suspension bridge, climbing 456 feet to the top.

His friends then run to the other side of the bridge, hoping to get a better angle on his upcoming stunt. Even with maximum zoom, the dude looks like an ant on the video. So he gives the signal and begins grinding down the suspension, looking like he will make a spectacular landing. But do not be fooled, because it took him a split of a second to lose balance and fly down into the Nieuwe Maas river, followed by the terrified screams of his friends, as they watch. But is it all as it seems?

Since its appeared online, the footage has garnered over 200.000 views, with viewers showing understandable concern. However, a Dutch publication reported that the police has discredited the footage, after it has been brought to their attention. One officer even confirmed that a fall from that height will result in death and that no reports have been received, in regard to the accident.

Well, there you have it folks – don't believe everything you see on the Internet.

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