Skateboarder Takes A Deep Dive After Bridge Stunt Goes South

Published November 27, 2015 1,468,700 Views

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsWhile extreme stunts are both fascinating to watch and try, they are more often than not dangerous. Stunts may seem like a fun idea, but their consequences are very real, and very dangerous.

The dramatic moment when a fearless skateboarder falls 139 meters from a suspension <a href="" target="_blank">bridge</a> is horrifying. The daredevil gets his equipment ready and before strapping it, he nonchalantly finishes off a cigarette. The guy seems so self-confident in his stunt capabilities that it makes one feel like nothing more but an ordinary man following a handful of predetermined tasks in days that all look alike. Trying to show off does not always pay off. Even in front of the camera and in the eyes of the whole Internet community.

And instead of trying to talk him out of this crazy idea, his friends are totally supportive of his stunt and they happily give thumbs up. The <a href="" target="_blank">stuntman</a> climbs up to the top of the bridge extremely quickly and with such a calamity and confidence. His friends run to the other side of the bridge, hoping to get a better angle on his upcoming venture.

Even the camera zoom can not enlarge the size of this man as he is so high up on the bridge and is about to surprise his friends. He managed to ride a small part across the bridge, even successfully keeping his balance for a few seconds. But the next image showed how he tumbled into the Nieuwe Maas waterway below as his shocked friends screamed. Somehow, this guy had the stars aligned for him that day and was lucky to avoid near death after the spectacular plummet. Was he thinking at all?