Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave The Body Of Her Dead Companion

8 years ago

Rescue group out of Bakersfield, California, 'No Kill Kern' shares the unbelievable story of their encounter with a stray dog's loyalty never seen before. Appropriately named Hachika, she refused to leave her fallen companion who was struck down by a car. Each night she would sleep with the bones.

No Kill Kern received a call about a dog that had been living in a field for over two months. Volunteers had a hard time finding the dog in the corn fields, but when they eventually did find it, the sight their eyes fell upon was both beautiful and heartbreaking. A female dog lost her best friend when they were hit by a car, and she faithfully stayed by her fallen friend’s side, even after she had been reduced to nothing but bones.

Her loyalty has earned her the name Hachika, after the famously loyal dog of legend from Japan. It would appear that Hachika was cut from the same cloth as her namesake. There’s isn’t a lot known about her past, but what is known is that she has absolutely refused to leave her friend’s side. The dog that she palled around with had apparently been hit by a car at some point, and died either because of her injuries or because of the exposure, dehydration, and starvation she faced as a result of them.

Regardless, Hachika’s love for her friend meant that she wasn’t leaving her body until they both could be rescued. Today, she has been adopted and is part of a loving forever family.

This heartbreaking video reminds us of another loyal street dog that refused to leave its dead best friend's side. In the video, the dog is sat solemnly by the body of its dead canine companion and does not move. The person filming the sad scenes moves around the dogs, but the larger pooch does not stray from its friend's side. The moving scenes were filmed in Ciudad Celina in the Argentinian state of Buenos Aires.

A local woman named Gabriela who feeds the dog every night told reporters: "I came up to see him and it turned out that he did not want to be separated from his friend, and he tried to revive him by moving his (the dead dog's) paw." Gabriela lives one block away from the wasteland where she feeds the dogs.

She added: "It is nothing more than that, I have never seen anything like it. You can tell they were abandoned and they are going to look after each other until the end of their days." It is unclear how the deceased dog died. Nonetheless, these stories show us that dogs are the most compassionate creatures on this planet! Love your dogs, people! Their loyalty is priceless and should be taken for granted!

Do you think the tragic reality will sink in for the brokenhearted pup and he will finally give up and stop looking for his lifelong sidekick? We honestly hope that the pooch will overcome the sorrow and we pray that he finds comfort in the loving kindness that his owners provide to him during this sorrowful time. What a heartbreaking video!

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