Sleeping Man Takes A Ride On Baggage Claim

AFVPublished: November 25, 201528,549 views
Published: November 25, 2015

Sleep is the most sought after thing in the world. If you don’t believe us, try going for more than 18 hours without sleep. We need it, our body needs it and even our mind craves a bit of shut eye to continue functioning as normal.

Sometimes it looks as though the people around us think we need to get some rest as well. Being sleep-deprived can make us feel a bit cranky and lash out at innocent passersby. That kind of behavior can easily be avoided if you just listen to your body when it tells you to go to sleep.

During the sleeping phase, the brain stimulates the creation of different types of hormones that further urge the organs to either rest or to stock up on energy for the waking hours. In other words, your body is gearing up for yet another day. Think of your body as a cellphone, working on low battery will make your functions shut down one after the other.

The person in the video obviously didn’t get a chance to recharge because he can be seen sleeping on the baggage carousel at the airport. The poor guy must have been so tired because he doesn’t even mind the moving of the carousel. Thankfully there are no bags laying around, otherwise it would get very messy. So don’t wait for it to get this bad, pay a visit to your bed as much as you can. Sweet dreams!

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