2-Month-Old Twin Babies Enjoy Pool Time

Published November 24, 2015 63,242 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsIn the recent months, baby spas around the world gained a lot of popularity amongst new parents. The benefits are countless, and it's also a very fun experience for the babies. Usually the spa involves infant massage which improves weight gain, increases bone density, reduces cortisol, may shorten the hospital stay and improves cognitive and motor development in later months.

The fun part is the pool. The infants get equipped with funny looking floaties around their necks, and they get to enjoy and relax in the pool.

This allows babies to move independently long before they are able to crawl or walk, and it also contributes to a sound motor development and improves the function of skeletal muscles. Also, as we can clearly see from this clip, it's very fun and relaxing!

These two cutie pies look very relaxed in their floaties and just chill in the water, carefree and calm. They toss and turn which almost looks like they're trying to learn infant swimming, but then they just zone out and almost fall asleep in the relaxing environment.

They look so adorable, and their parents made the right choice to take them to a baby spa, because that way they will ensure the proper growth and development of their beloved kids.


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