Kitty Won't Let Go Of Her Doggy's Leash

Published November 24, 2015 240,989 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCats may be fluffy, adorable looking creatures, but deep down, they as as manipulative and as domineering as any villain known to man! They do not choose their footing when they try and get what they want, but they look really cool while they do it. Because it is what they do - they try and they take over the world every day. Take a look at this footage of two dogs and a cat finishing their day at the park. Their owner calls them over and the first dog obeys, but the second dog, Sammy, is having a hard time respecting his owner’s wishes. He is on a leash that is attached to the cat. The owner continuously calls for Sammy, but every time he comes, the cat's claws on the leash pulls him back.

It’s called power and this feline is hungry for more! The only way the cat will let go of the dog is if another, more malleable subject comes along, one more fitting for his wicked plans (insert mad scientist laugh here). This cat has managed to get a hold of his canine pal's leash, and is refusing to let go. Because power is intoxicating. Sammy, meanwhile, seems pretty confused by the turn of events, but knows better than to challenge the cat's authority. We respect you, feline authority and we are just a tad little bit scared of you.

Even though they can be good friends, cats can sometimes be antagonistic toward dogs. We’ve seen a million cases of dogs playfully approaching cats only to get clobbered in the nose or hissed at. This kitty takes things to a whole new level, though, as she holds the naive dog captive by refusing to let go of his leash. And the little guy has no idea what’s going on, he is only aware that he can’t move around much!

Sammy the dog would have enjoyed sweet, sweet off-leash freedom if it wasn’t for a cat. It seems that Sammy and his friends had just finished their day at the park when their human calls them over. The first dog obeys, but Sammy can’t move because the cat reigns him in, holding his leash so he can’t run away. What a responsible cat, holding on to her dog that way. For his part, Sammy tries to walk away and seems pretty confused, but he quickly accepts who’s boss.

When people aren’t debating whether cats or dogs are more intelligent, they’re equating them as mortal foes. Typically, cats are aloof and easily startled, while dogs are gregarious and territorial. This doesn't mean, however, that they can't share the same space - they're just going to need your help. If cats and dogs are brought up together in a positive, loving, encouraging environment, they’re going to be friends or at the very least, they’ll tolerate each other. Walking a cat is vastly different from walking a dog. Puppies, dim-witted and gullible, will happily follow their owners’ lead, cats, on the other hand, would prefer to take the lead themselves.

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