7 years ago

Life hack! Use coffee beans to reduce bags under eyes

Wow! This is a cool way to reduce the bags underneath your eyes. Coffee beans are an anti-inflammatory and help reduce the appearance of cellulite in body scrubs. The technique is not a cure, nor are the effects permanent, but it is something to be continued, if improvements are seen. In addition to the coffee beans, a pinch of spicy black peppercorns are added to the mix which add some extra circulation-stimulating benefits, like helping blood flow better through the skin. It also provides extra antioxidants. Antioxidants can help with signs of aging.

Everything is done with gentle care, you do not want to rub under your eyes as it is a sensitive area. Coconut oil is mixed with the coffee beans and peppercorns so the oil from the coffee and peppercorns is released into the coconut oil allowing the skin to better absorb the mixture. Once it has been left on for 5-10 minutes, it can gently wiped away with a soft cloth. Check out this cool video to see how this life hack is completed!

Are you excited to give this a try? Check out some of these coffee beans so you can help reduce the bags under your eyes!

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