Happy Horse Greets His Owner With An Exciting Gallop

CWhitakerPublished: November 17, 2015Updated: November 18, 2015383,099 views
Published: November 17, 2015Updated: November 18, 2015

If you want to develop a great relationship with your horse, there are plenty of things you can do, from massaging your horse, to groundwork activities. The latter is important if you want to establish mutual respect which is an essential element in every relationship. Make competitive obstacles in riding, increasing your pet’s agility. Spend some time hand grazing your horse and you will ensure it will look forward to your arrival.

The lady on this video has probably done all of the above-mentioned things because her horse gets so excited when she comes to the barn and he is little showy in the process. The video is an evidence that horses can unreservedly salute their owners and totally rejoice at their presence. It proves that there is no better greeting than when your horse is thrilled to see you at the barn. And when a horse has his ears pricked and makes that soft whinnying sound of a nicker you know that you are not alone. It is only to remind you that whinnies are wonderful and that the horse enjoys your company.

And when this Friesian stallion, Apollo, spies his owner at the gate, he does a little bit more. He can’t contain himself as he leaps and gallops at his owner’s arrival. He definitely has a fun show-off moment before returning to greet his owner. It is so cute and makes you want horses even more. Of course he deserves that gentle pat and face-to-face conversation the he has longed for such a long time being without her owner.

There are some days when you feel like nothing can bring you down. Your happiness levels are skyrocketing and it seems like it could never end. You see the blue sky and the sun’s rays shining upon your face and you just want to bask in all of it and never stop. But happiness isn’t a place, happiness is a feeling only you can create with your own decisions, so decide to be happy today. We sure know that this horse has chosen that path.

Meet Apollo, the Friesian stallion who’s in extremely good mood as he runs in the barn and plays with owner, much to our amusement. This cheerful horse will definitely put a smile on your face and make you want to befriend one! The elegant beast is feeling quite at home in barn’s patch of land with his favorite human.

Watch as the happy horse rejoices in the barn enclosure and is as happy as can be, stomping them heavy feet to the ground, flaunting his majestic mane in the wind! What a marvellous creature! After showing off his impressive galloping skills, he goes to his owner for a bit of love and comfort. She is very happy to give it to him, brushing through his mane and patting his neck, taming his ego by asking ‘Who’s a happy boy?”. You can just see that they have a special bond and it is truly special to witness! Oh, happy day!

Horses are social creatures and are able to make social attachments to their own species, other animals and humans as well. They are also intelligent and can perform number of cognitive tasks on a daily basis. Horses are naturally curious and can learn simple things. Domestic horses face more challenges than wild horses since they live in artificial environments that do not come natural to them. Horses are creatures of habit. Some describe their horses as very bossy with other horses, and some would say that their horse is afraid of anything new and others that their horse do not pay attention to them. According to this can be categorized as social, fearful, aloof and challenging. In which of these would you place Apollo?

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