Penguins Adorably Try To Break Out Of Danish Zoo, But Leave Claw Prints Behind Them

rumblestaffPublished: November 16, 201599,402 views
Published: November 16, 2015

Who doesn’t love penguins? They are the goofiest, most adorable birds ever, they make us happy and believe in eternal love. If that isn’t lovable, nothing else is.

Penguins are birds that mostly live in the freezing cold of the Arctic and Antarctica and unlike their other feathery friends, they don’t quite have the ability to fly. Evolution has left a mark on these little guys by shortening their wings expanding their bodies. This way, they are stuck on the surface but can survive the extremely cold climate of the region.

What’s funny about penguins is that they are actually homeotherms, better known as warm-blooded animals. They have a constant body temperature that they need to keep in order to survive. But how does one do that when they are in constant touch with the ice? Normally we would think that they will get frostbite on their claws and slowly but surely die, but evolution, once again, took care of that. Penguins have developed a rather complex vascular system which helps them keep the warm blood close to their heart, They also have an extra layer of feathers around their feet and they tend to step only on their heels, leaving their claws intact. When that’s not enough to keep them warm, they cuddle up to their friends and share body heat.

This video shows us another form of camaraderie between these lovely creatures. A group of five mischievous penguins tried to perform a ‘prison’ break from the Odense Zoo in Denmark. There was only one problem with their plan, they left adorable claw prints when they left. Absolutely precious!

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