Life hack: How to quickly wind up yarn

8 years ago

In a world where we are overwhelmed with chores and responsibilities, it is good to have something as a release valve for all that built up (negative) energy. People resort to all kinds of recreational activities. Some go for the physical stuff, like lifting weights or ridings their bicycles across picturesque landscapes.

Others do things with their hands. Talented individuals tend to use their hands for more than just typing on the computer for days on end. They play some instrument or another, paint pictures, make items out of clay or do what our grandmothers have been doing since forever - they knit!

Knitting has to be one of the most noble crafts than both men and women can do, because it produces items that can be worn in those rough winter months and keep you warm! Those who are exceptionally crafty tent to take knitwear to a whole new level – they add knit embellishments or make the item in some extraordinary shape.

But as with all manufacture, keeping up with your materials can not be easy. One dedicated crafter has found out a very simple way to rewind your spare yarn in the nick of time. All you need is two items that you probably already have at home! Just mount an empty toilet roll on the whisk of a hand held mixer (don't forget to make a small slit to fix the beginning of the yarn) and turn the mixer on! The thread will be wound in no time!

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