ALL STAR POLITICAL PANEL - Biden’s Not Running, Dems Searching For Candidate

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7 months ago

The reports are out saying that Biden is not running. Biden is a placeholder. How Newsom thinks he can run the country, as a disaster mayor of San Fran and a disaster governor of California. They are looking for the candidate that the people may back and the person they can use to engineer the coup. They need to pave the way for Biden out. They have the exit ready, it's called the stairway exit. The American people don’t believe that Joe Biden won the election. They did everything in the coup to get you to believe that Joe Biden won. If corruption is in place and we won’t have a fair election. You will be able to get the American people to believe that Gavin Newsom won the election. There could be some small town mayor out there that could be the candidate.
The Max Blumenthal video on Ukraine. The American people have been robbed and lied too. He found where money has gone from the social security in Ukraine. We paid off the Ukraine debt that Blackrock held. Biden called the Active Forces to support the Operation Atlantic Resolve, which was created by Obama in 2014, when Russia invaded Crimea. They are writing Joe’s history piece. The deal has always been that he runs 1 term.
Trump increased NATO’s revenue and improved their equipment. There was a time that the American’s ran NATO. Trump is an incredible negotiator. Every time there is an indictment Trump's poll numbers go up.
Two states with the highest homelessness are New York and California. 42% of homeless are in those two states.
Winners and Losers

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