Two Best Pals Enjoy Playing In The Snow Together

8 years ago

There are a lot of evidence on the Internet of friendships between different animal kinds. It’s strange how the universe functions and creates connections that work pretty well. We’ve all seen the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Commercial that’s pure proof of an everlasting friendship between a horse and a dog. If you think of it, at the end of the day nothing seems more important than finding the perfect soul match that will make every moment spent together a beautiful memory.

Here is the story of Chico the horse and Loki the dog from Walsall, United Kingdom. These two are best friends and they share the same passion for snow. So, when the first snow comes to their town, they turn into "party animals", fooling around in the white. They love chasing each other and burying their noses deep in the snow cover.

"Mmm… This white stuff smells so fresh. Let me sniff it a little bit… " says Chico the horse.

Loki comes and invites him to start their own party out there in the open. "Hey, there you are. Let’shave some fun."

Rolling in the snow seems like a good idea.

"Hey, what are you doing there? Let me see." wonders Chico.

They begin to chase each other, so stepping over the soft white snow is such a funny experience. It’s cold, but at the same time it tickles their hooves and paws.

This pair of friends will make your heart melt. Despite their differences in size, these two pals know how to enjoy the cold winter. As it seems, horses and dogs have a very special kind of friendship.

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