Make The Most Out Of Your Tape Measure With These Four Tips

Published November 9, 2015 22,908,609 Views

If a tape measure has ever been confusing or difficult to use, this video made by Leah from See Jane Drill definitely sets the confusion aside. Many tricks are shown to help make your life a little easier. These life hacks help benefit everyone! It doesn't matter what type of tape measure you have, whether its plastic or metal, these tricks will help you. One interesting trick shown is the nail slot on the tape measure.Did you even know that existed? Watching this video, we know it isn't there for no reason, it allows the tape measure to attach to a nail so it doesn't move. The tape measure stays in place allowing accurate measurement results.

This is a very cool trick and only one of the many shown in this video. If you want to make your day a little easier, watching this video will definitely help! It is interesting to see that little contraptions we thought had no use, actually are quite helpful. If you're starting some construction work, check out this video as it shows some neat tricks and will help you get the job done faster!

If the nail gran has a serrated edge, again it is no faulty design. If it happens that you don’t have a scribing tool on you, you can use this serrated edge to mark the measure you need on your material. Who knew?

Another cool feature about these tape measures is that the hooks move back and forth. This is also not a design fault. The reason behind this is that the first inch is not full, in fact it is missing a full 1/16 of an inch. And the thickness of the hook is exactly 1/16 of an inch.

We hope these tips helped you understand your tape measures better. Happy DIYing!

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