Fluffy, Fat, Orange Cat Gives Sleeping Baby A Butt Massage

AFV Published November 5, 2015 20,193 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsCats and babies make friends all the time, but these two have a special relationship. As the baby drifts off to sleep, this cat gives him an adorable goodnight butt massage. The sleepy companions are the perfect cuddle pair, using their powers for good in totally making us go awwwwwe.

In this heartwarming video we can see a big fat cat napping next to a sleeping baby. When mom came in to check on her sleeping baby, she was up for a big surprise when she saw what the cat was doing. Her fluffy, fat, orange cat was lazily napping right next to her little baby and was giving a nice butt massage with her front paws to the sleeping baby. How adorable!

There are no doubts that these two pals are going to stay close friends through thick and thin, and this little boy is going to always be able to count on his feline to stand by his side.

Fortunately, this mom was there to film this special moment between her two babies. They both look so happy and comfortable napping together in that soft, cozy bed. It sometimes seems that cats can understand babies, because our furry feline friends have a motherly instinct to protect their little kittens, and apparently they feel the same with human babies as well!