Guy Made Replica Rick And Morty Portal Gun That Actually Projects Portals

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Published: November 4, 2015

The Rick and Morty cartoon may be a distasteful spoof of the cult Back To The Future, but its popularity is growing exponentially with every passing day! It could be the silly jokes, mixed in with horrendous plot lines and spiced with adult themes that speak to the minds of the masses that call themselves fans of the show.

Dave Dalton from Hammerspace seems to be one of those dedicated Rick & Morty fans. Hammerspace is a makerspace in Kansas City, Missouri. Dave is such a die-hard fan, the dude managed to create a replica of Rick’s portal gun - that actually shoots portals!

Ok, it doesn’t actually shoot green gateways into separate universes, but it also doesn’t just project a still image. The hand held device uses an audio amplifier and a small projector unit, connected to a lithium ion battery that projects an animation of an opening portal onto any surface.

Here’s what Dave had to say about his creation (without Rick’s voice): “I wasn’t able to directly control the projector without making a menu pop up in the projection and that spoiled the effect, so I opted to use an LCD shutter borrowed from some 3D glasses to obstruct the projection. The projection of the portal is a rotating flash animation that is converted to MP4 format so it will play nice with the projector. The projector can store videos on a microSD card so I just set it to loop the portal animation and sound effects. When the shutter is blacked out, power is removed from the Adafruit mono audio amp that is connected to the headphone jack on the projector. With no audio or projection the portal gun appears to be idle but the animation is always running."

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