This Goat Will Not Be Satisfied With Your Meager Petting

mgm274 Published November 2, 2015 9,420 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Weird - As we see in this video, all this girl wants is to pet the cute little goat. But all this goat wants is food. Don’t even think about petting! The problem? This goat at a New York county fair doesn’t seem too interested in trade. Just give me the food and back up slowly – goat rejects petting – only wants food! Just give me the food and walk away slowly.

We are definitely convinced that goats are weird, fascinating and stubborn, and can shout like small children whose voice became husky after having so many tantrums of fulfilling one wish only. Different types of children, different desires. For this goat here the only desire is eating, eating and nothing less. She does not want to be stroked gently neither does she want to develop friendly relationship with the girl. As long as the girl gives her food, she will keep my mouth closed. And that is her thing, not to give up just to stand down her hooves and demand!

In total, there are nine species of goats in the world, but the domestic goat is by far the most common. Like giraffes and cows, goats are ruminant animals, which means that they chew cud. It also means that they have a four-chambered stomach that plays a critical role in regurgitating, re-digesting, and digesting their food. Goats are herbivores who graze continuously. They eat herbs, general plant material and grass. After a period of time, they regurgitate the cud and chew it thoroughly before swallowing it for second and last time.