Dog reveals impressive billiards trick shots

JoshkuhnPublished: October 31, 2015Updated: November 2, 2015594,588 views
Published: October 31, 2015Updated: November 2, 2015

Halo the dog is a better pool player than the majority of us! He is definitely someone you want on your team for the next pool hall match. This video is awesome! We get to see Halo showing off his super cool trick shots across the table, wow! You better be careful, Halo is so good, he might try to hustle you! He doesn't even need the cue stick to make beautiful tricks, he has so much skills, all he has to do is use his paw! Go Halo!

It looks like every time Halo hits the white ball, he is going to hit another ball into a hole. He's awesome! Halo needs to teach us some of his tricks so we can all be professional pool players! It doesn't matter what angle Halo shoots from, it is going to hit the target. That is very impressive! His owner must be so proud of him. They get to show off how awesome Halo is wherever they go! It's not everyday you see a dog master pool! What an entertaining video!

Check out these pool sets if you wan't to sharpen your pool moves. Maybe you can get just as good as Halo!

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