Sneaky Dolphin Doesn't Want Its Girlfriend To Leave

Published October 30, 2015 88,425 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsNobody wants their best friend to say goodbye. This dolphin is no exception. When a group of people swam in their beautiful blue ocean, one girl was going to leave. This dolphin knew that she had to get her attention, so she snuck up behind her friend and poked her repeatedly as a harmless practical joke.

We have always known that dolphins are smart creatures but do we really know their potential? There seems to be a lot that we don’t know about them. There was a recent study that shows that dolphins are more human alike than we give them credit for.

Apparently, mammals differ from other animals because they are capable of learning how to protect themselves, unlike other species who protect themselves by using the skills encoded in their genes. The advantage for the mammals is that their survival skills can grow and better throughout time, and the human as the top mammal can even use his experiences and teach other humans how to protect themselves. This ability used to be reserved only for us, but the research proved that we actually share this trait with none other than the sweet and extremely smart dolphin. How cool is that?


  • maria123, 4 years ago

    So funny :)

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  • DaneAress35, 4 years ago

    Smart dolphin, knows where to stock his nose LOL

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  • MikeStone, 3 years ago


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  • jassyislove, 3 years ago

    ahahahahhaah lol :)

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  • North, 3 years ago

    Would be more funny, if it were not a trained behavior. Just another trick.

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