Funniest Compilation Of Animal Underdogs Scaring Humans

Published October 29, 2015 89,256 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsNature is astonishing. There is just so much it can offer, from the most breathtaking scenery to the most vicious predators. Animals are beautiful and wonderful beings, but we often underestimate them. We see them as far more natural than anything else. In addition to their beauty, animals and nature can be scary. Whether at home, at the zoo or in nature, nobody is immune to a good scare by someone below us on the food chain.

This compilation should serve us as a good reminder that we shouldn’t take things at face value. There are many dangers lurking in the outside world and they often come in the prettiest packages. This is actually only the first rule of nature. The second and the most important one is to steer clear of these things. We are better off admiring them from afar.

In this compilation we can encounter numerous epic fails when it comes to people handling these animals. Some might scare you, some might be the cause of unstoppable laughter but either way they are worth watching, if only for educational purposes. You will see a little girl not quite ready to handle a crab, a repairman hammering out a cockroach, a little boy taking a lot more than a high five from a llama, the tiniest worm scaring off toddlers and many more. We leave it up to you to enjoy the video, as much as you can!