Check Out This Hilarious Scares Compilation In The True Spirit Of Halloween

Published October 29, 2015 12,736 Views

Rumble / CompilationsHalloween is the time for horror fans to indulge their sense of fear and the time for the rest of us to pull practical jokes on friends and family. In this compilation, we see all sorts of scares from masks, people jumping out at each other, and pumpkin jokes to create a good sense of fun on Halloween.

Who doesn’t love Halloween anyway? We are not talking about the nerdy candy or the spooky booze we get to soak into; we are talking about the loads of harmless fun while hiding behind a mask, completely disguised as someone else! But the <a href="" target="_blank">pranks</a>! Oh, the <a href="" target="_blank">pranks</a>…

Kids are the best, although adults get freaked out easy too! It doesn’t have to be the head of Leatherface to scare off a tiny Spiderman. It could be a seemingly lifeless Scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head in broad daylight that will wring you out of your own skin, make you trip in the grass.

Our favorite has to be the older brother who closed the door and locked it behind him, so that the scary person outside won’t come in and scare his baby sister! It is the cutest Halloween-themed thing we’ve seen so far!

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