Horse And Dog Prove That Love Knows No Boundaries

8 years ago

Love knows no boundaries. It can happen to anyone, with anyone, anywhere around the world. And it seems as if these two, fell under its spell. It is unclear how it happened, but one day the owners found their faithful dog hanging out in front of this horse’s stall, and they couldn’t get him to leave.

This is not an unusual behavior, we see dogs around the stables all the time. They are the trusty guardians of the farm animals so it’s absolutely normal for them to wander these parts. What makes this situation a tad bit different is the amount of devotion these two have for one another.

We can safely say that we have never seen this sort of behavior. The dog is literally perched on the stall’s door, and the horse is hanging his head so far out of the door, it’s pretty comical. These lovebirds have their heads drawn close together, and the level of intimacy makes us want to ask them to get a room. If that wasn’t funny enough, the way they are peppering each other with kisses will definitely make you laugh out loud.

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