Golden Retriever Makes The Most Of A Tiny Bathtub

8 years ago

Newman the Golden Retriever has the time of his life as he swims around in a tub of water at the dog park. Looks like it's time to find a bigger tub! Cuteness overload!

The Internet society is obsessed with animals, and rightly so. They’re cute, fun and loving, and we can never get enough of them. Such is the case in this cute video featuring a Golden Retriever dog taking a bath. He is so adorable you won’t be able to stop giggling while watching him! Check out his bath time routine and we guarantee it will leave you smiling. His attitude will melt your heart!

We think it is pretty safe to say that we can divide all dogs in this world in just two categories - those who love bath time and those who run from it, never looking back. Whenever their owners mention the tedious activity, dogs either run straight for the bathroom, whining and barking at the tap to start running, or they run and hide behind anything they can think of, just to avoid getting a drop of water on them. It may have something to do with how they were treated when they were babies, which brings us to the conclusion that this little guy will love bath time forever and ever!

Most dogs love to bathe and they go absolutely nuts with excitement so that the thought of a water drop sends them into an instant frenzy making them vocal about catching every drop while scrambling to get out in a wide open room. The adorable dog in this video has totally surrendered in the bathtub and enjoys it to the extent of losing himself in a relaxing nap.

The sound and the touch of water has a soothing effect on this cutie. Obviously, bath time makes him feel lazy. The pup looks like he has been working long hours and now he just wants to rest from work and engage in this enjoyable activity. He is not like other animals- standing in water doesn’t make him have a happy splash and wash off his dirt. On the contrary, his breathing slows down, his eyes feel droopy and his body slumps into a wonderful slumber. The small, confined space of the wash basin is something that he loves and will not make this dog intimidated in any way. As far as he is concerned, this is the most delightful experience so far.

The puppy is having a glorious moment of blissful nirvana, as he is being filmed in the bathtub because he is enjoying it so much and the moment has to be made memorable. We can honestly say that up until now we have not seen any any human, let alone animal, enjoy a bath the way this puppy is enjoying his. If you want to see pure happiness, you should check out this other cutie pie’s bath time routine. His face is the equivalent of bliss!

While there are many dogs that love the water and can’t wait to take a swim or bath there are a few breeds that absolutely do not want anything to do with the water. The little pup in this video does not want to take his outdoor bath and is doing everything in his power to avoid water. He might be able to do a plank hold longer than me!

Of course, there exceptions to every rule but we were curious as to what dog breeds are most likely to hate water. We did some research and found a few dog breeds that are more likely to dislike water. I don’t know if this is a surprise or not but most of the breeds we read about are small dogs. Some dogs that don’t like water include chihuahuas, pugs, Yorkshire terriers, Shih Tzus, Pekingese, Maltese, Pomeranian, dachshunds, and Bichon Frise. Surprisingly, there are a couple of large dog breeds that are also water fearful.

The first is Boxers. Because of the way boxers are built they tend toward not being natural swimmers. This is because of their deep chest and lack of a tail. They have trouble learning how to turn and maneuver in the water. So, it takes some training. Strangely, Greyhounds are listed as a breed that doesn’t like the water. This isn’t because they can’t swim though. Literally, everywhere we looked said that Greyhounds don’t like swimming because they are lazy! Which was news to us! We didn’t list every breed that doesn’t like water but there are plenty more and most are small dogs with short legs.

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