Abandoned Duckling Imprints On Rescuer, Follows His Every Move

8 years ago

After finding a stray <a href="https://rumble.com/v3feql-duckling-rescue.html" target="_blank">duckling</a>, 'fyfetr' brought the helpless animal inside to look after it. Now it has become very much attached to its new owners, following them everywhere!

Someone might say that this is EXACTLY what living with a toddler looks like and they are probably right, but you can’t accidentally step on your toddler! You might push them over or something...that’s in not the point!

The point is that this tiny birdie looks like it is completely obsessed with its humans. They go in the kitchen for a snack? <a href="https://rumble.com/v30und-duckling-rescue-godley-rd-green-bay-21-may-2016.html" target="_blank">Duckling</a> is right at their heels. Heading towards the desk to finish some work? Duckling is right there. Going in the toilet for a moment of privacy? Duckling will be right there with you.

We dare you to say that is not a toddler, but when it is so damn cute and you know it is completely dependent on you, you can’t be angry at it. Just hearing its baby squeaks makes us melt!

Imprinting is what makes ducks and geese most natural companions to humans. It is one of the strongest forces in nature. Basically, a duckling KNOWS (yes, not ‘thinks’, knows) that it is the same species as whatever creature larger than itself it sees upon hatching.

There’s an animal fact to blow your mind!

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