Rebellious Baby Refuses To Follow Mom’s Strict Rules

Published October 23, 2015 148,700 Views

One of the hardest components of parenting might be when your child is repeatedly breaking, disregarding or ignoring the rules of your home and refusing to obey orders. Rules are made to be broken right?

Watch as this adorable baby throws the funniest temper tantrum and repeatedly goes after a glass of water resting on a serving table, in a constant attempt to spill it on the floor. Mom can be heard yelling “Nooo!” over a dozen times, but baby would just look at her with a devilish green and proceed with its intention! Hilarious!

This baby sets his own agenda and rules in the household. He sees an innocent glass of water resting on the table. He looks at it with a devilish grin. His mother sees his plan and warns him not to do it. Naturally, that's his plan. Of course he's doing it to get a rise out of his mother but that does not stop us from wondering. Will he or will he not?!

Footage shows a rebellious baby throwing a silent temper tantrum at mother by refusing to obey her household rules and attempting to make a mess of the floor! This adorable baby is stubborn with persistence and won’t stop in its intentions even after being reprimanded over a dozen times before! He simply doesn't want to listen to his mom's rules.

At the beginning of the clip, the baby notices a glass of water on the table and he quickly starts walking its way towards it. His mom sees what he is about to do and quickly tells him to stop and not even think about it. However, he still really wants the glass!

Will he grab it or will he not, that is the question!

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