Innocent Prank Leaves Phone Dropped On The Ground And Tot In Tears

Published October 22, 2015 95,860 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsLet’s face it, the era of internet has become the bane of the phone’s existence. No one ever calls anymore. Conversation is limited to online chat apps and we only use our smartphones for their cameras and search engines. Sure, we might play a few games and use social media apps, but that’s about it.

Once upon a time, probably a long time ago, people actually used phones for what they were made for - connecting two people far away from each other via phone call. These devices could save marriages, long distance relationships and even break some people’s hearts. People were actually running towards the phone to pick it up when it rang. But nowadays, teenagers and kids don’t even know what ringtones sound like.

If there is any person that still uses them for this purpose, than it has to be your mother. Mothers all over the world actually prefer to hear their children’s voices over the emojis sent over text. So of course, hearing the ringtone on our phone can actually surprise us and make us throw it as far away from us as possible as if it was on fire. Funnily enough, that is exactly what this little girl did.

In this footage we can see the baby girl playing with an older phone and clicking on the buttons. The mother sees this as an opportunity and warns the girl that she will call her. The girl pays no attention to her mom, or maybe she doesn’t understand her, but that doesn’t change her reaction to the call. Absolutely hilarious!