Unusual Inter-Species Friendship Proves To Be The Perfect One

Published October 21, 2015 7,722 Plays $18.94 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPooches are so friendly and sociable by nature and they tend to be at their most social with other dogs or with people. Every once in a while, you might catch one with a cat, or maybe befriending a horse.But it’s not nearly as common to catch a dog who’s besties with an undomesticated animal, one that’s from a species naturally shy of humans.
Fortunately, there’s now a sweet interspecies duo breaking the mold and proving the stereotypes wrong.

Friendships can be found in unlikely places. It’s a relationship that brings together different beings. This story is about Ollie, an adorable little owlet and a beautiful, old Belgian Shepherd - an incredible pair of unlikely buddies. Ollie has made himself right at home atop this shepherd, and the two get along quite well. They make a great team!

It looks strange to see a large Shepherd getting along so well with a wild animal like an owl. The video shows the world the beautiful friendship of the two unlikely pals. The dog always keeps Ollie close by. He loves and protects him as he doesn’t know how to live free, on his own. They respect each other and they can read each other, too. Most of the time, the duo will simply snuggle up together, with the owl Poldi finding a warm spot to nestle, like under the dog’s chin, behind his paw or on his back.

Although Ollie needs extra care, it’s clear from the video that he also takes care of his four-legged best friend. He always snuggles up to the shepherd and keeps him very close. Their friendship is truly unique. The owl and the dog are not only perfect for each other but for everybody watching the video as well.